Homemade Pesto (dairy free)


2-6 cloves of garlic (depending how garlicky you like things and how many fresh herbs you are using)

1/4-1/2 cup of olive oil (start with 1/4 cup, add more as needed)

1/4 cup ground almonds

generous pinch of salt

Blend nuts, oil, garlic and salt in a food processor or blender.  When combined add fresh herbs (2-4 cups).   I often use a mix of fresh parsley and basil.  It is my favourite for pasta.  Another favourite is using fresh dill and parsley and using it on fish (can work for pasta too or the basil pesto can be used on fish).  Blend in the food processor until smooth.  If it is having trouble mixing add more oil).

Start with smaller amounts of salt and garlic and add more to taste if you are making it the first time.

If you eat dairy, you can leave out the salt (or reduce it) and add a couple tablespoons of parmesean cheese.

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