Welcome to my blog!

My name is Carrie Meszaros, I’m a Naturopathic Doctor in Stratford, Ontario.  I have a general naturopathic practice and see patients of all ages, from infants to seniors for almost any health concern you can imagine.
I’ve been living gluten free for over 20 years and wheat free for another 5 years before that.  I’m a mom, wife and stepmom.  Every day I see the difference avoiding food sensitivities makes for my own health, my family’s health and for many of my patients.  I wanted to start this blog to be able to quickly share recipes that I am using day to day to help other people negotiate the sometimes tricky waters of cooking for food sensitivities in a health conscious way (with some treats too, everyone needs a treat sometimes!).
 I love cooking, baking and food and when I first started trying to eat gluten free I was amazed at how terrible some of the food tasted.  Over the years after a lot of trial and error, I have found wonderful recipes that are delicious, good food.  In our home, we have several different food sensitivities including gluten, dairy, coconut, pork and canola oil, among other things.  When I share this with patients I’m often asked how I manage to cook for all these different issues.  Truth is that I’ve been cooking healthy and yummy meals for us for so many years that I don’t even notice most of the time that I’m accommodating food issues.  My hope is that by using this blog to share some recipes it will help other people who are both new to cooking this way and people like me that have been doing it a while but are always looking for more inspiration!
Almost all the recipes on this site will be gluten free because that’s how we eat at our house and I prefer to use recipes that I’ve tried and that I know that I like and want to share.  Many of my patients have food sensitivities, some of them have issues with gluten but many don’t.  I am posting recipes here in hopes of helping people with various food sensitivities, with that in mind, I will post some recipes that aren’t gluten free but they will be clearly marked.
My other website www.carriemeszarosnd.ca is filled with information about naturopathic medicine and my practice. I also have a clinic facebook page where I often post recipes and interesting health information. On my website people can also sign up for my seasonal newsletters which contain helpful hints, recipes and information about naturopathic medicine.
I hope that you find some new recipes to make and enjoy!

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